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Magazine article

Daily Mail 06-09-03

Bryan Adams was one of the biggest rock stars of the 1990s. His song (Everything I Do) I Do It For You became, for many, an anthem of the decade and was top of the charts for four months in 1991. Bryan says: It was an extraordinary decade. There were lots of great songs around in the 1990s. My personal favorites being Wonderwall by Oasis and I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. Against competition like that, I was astonished at the success of I Do It For You. Even in my wildest dreams - and the 1990s were a time when so many of us thought almost anything was achievable, because music seemed to be on the crest of a great wave of change - I could never have hoped it would stay at number one for so long. I'd already done well with earlier songs such as Summer of '69, but this was the icing on the cakse. It put me and the band in a place where we could sell out stadiums like never before. There was tremendous excitement everywhere in the 1990s. The music business was really fun at that time and alot of new things were happening without us realising it. I'm talking about the internet - it crept up and took over. Things also became much more corporate. It used to be really naff to get involved with a corporate sponsor. There was a time when people laughed at artists who signed themselves with a soft drink, but suddenly it was cool to wear a logo. My personal highlights were playing twice at Wembley Stadium, which was very special. I was also the first artist to play in Vietnam since the end of the war. And having a number one record for four months in the UK was a high point. So, too, was my friendship with Diana, Princess of Wales, who was herself an icon of the 1990s. We met many times and were close by the time she died in 1997. But in the earlier stages of our friendship, I wrote the song Diana about her because I was intrigued about the way she had hidden herself away and had become unhappy. It wasn't meant to be sad: in fact I thought the song was funny. So did she. We met many times and had become very good friends by the end of her life. I had many impressions of her and some are quite different to the ones sometimes portrayed. Everyone remembers what they were doing when they heard the news she had died. I was playing a concert in New York and a member of my crew told me that she had been in a car crash and had broken a leg. It wasn't until later that I heard of the death. My life now is as busy as in the 1990s. I'm more focused on my personal life than before, but it gets pushed to the back burner. I wanted to be self sufficient enough to do my own thing without answering to anyone. I never wanted to go back to dishwashing, my job before i hit the big time. I did that by doing the thing that I love the best.