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© 2002

Interview by Susanne Froemel

The Canadian musician Bryan Adam presented the international Fashion and Style magazine zoo on weekend in Berlin. For the first number skirt-ends publisher photographed also Heike Makatsch and Herbert the Groenemeyer. Sp spoke with Adam about German publishing houses, kleinformatige woman magazines and its close world of the fame.

Sp: Why does zoo appear on German?

Bryan Adam: We want to create a basis for German artists, so that something by the dynamics is ruebergebracht, which prevail in Germany.

Sp: Therefore zoo is made for the dynamic German capital from Berlin?

Adam: Berlin has still this wild image, Christiane F. and this whole scene. I white, citizens of Berlin hold for Quatsch and cannot this Look any longer see. But Modeshootings from the whole world take place in Berlin, because the people from New York or Milan find in such a way cool. We start with an edition of 100,000. There we will see whether the people zoo want or not.

Sp: Zoo is to appear every three months. Contents are mode, architecture, Design. Don't you know that the magazine market is surfeited? And whom want to address you?

Adam: Humans, who remained young in the heart. That 20 or 70-Jaehrige can be. The man, who sketched our Logo, is over 60. We kept ourselves away from the whole Marketingstrategien. We were all hot with the whole German publishing houses, Burda, farmer, Condé Nast and like them. But those are interested naturally to make money and print dear of woman magazines in the small format. Sells itself obviously sensationally. Sometime I said Sandor Lubbe to my partner: We make also such a thing in the pocket format. Naturally a joke.

Sp: And in such a way you then became publishers of a magazine.

Adam: Yes, and it is enormously expensive to produce such a magazine that is financially very risky. If it goes inclined, then correctly. But we drew up with a minimum budget. Many worked in vain, and then we had naturally still the indicator sales. There it helps much, if the publisher Bryan Adam is called.

Sp: Why actually zoo?

Adam: First we wanted something that expresses the German purchase, Berlin or D-magazine. I suggested then zoo sometime. It can mean all and nothing.

Sp: They sold, are 44 years old 55 million plates and everything reached. Why don't you lean relaxed back?

Adam: In certain sense the photography saves me from the isolation. The more successfully a musician will, the smaller becomes the world, in which it can move. One has to always do with the same people: of the disk company, the volume, the management. We accept, you play before 100,000 people and afterwards go you with the four young from your volumes a beer drinking. It is always the same. In the photography you occur each mark a completely strange world. You try to conquer humans and you have a small, strong team from creative humans, Stylisten, make-up people and so on around you. That makes me lucky.

Interview: Susanne Froemel