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© 2002

Article in Austrian magazine

- Bryan will not perform new songs on the current tour.

- At the moment he likes the music of the band ?Jet?, the Scottish singer Dick Gaughan and he likes the soundtrack of ?Lost in translation?.

- He likes the songs of Eminem, but at the moment he likes to listen to David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Bob Marley, The Upsetters and to the songs of the artists mentioned below.

- The ?surprise? on the new album will be that the songs are recorded with the band und on a second CD the songs are recorded in an acoustic version.

- He was asked to do a soundtrack, but nothing is fixed.

- At the moment he is touring, takes photos (e.g. for Zoo) and sometimes he is asked to take photos for magazines.

- He is working on an illustrated book for the breast cancer research, which is sponsored by Calvin Klein.

- The question if artists would be the better politicians, Bryan says that he would not hesitate to vote for Bono. He thinks that it is good, that there are people, who are determined to talk also about unpopular subjects.

- He likes Austria because of its people and KTM-motorcycles. The biggest problem in Austria is, that it?s hard to get vegetarian food, because Austrian people seems to eat much meat.

- He is vegetarian, because he loves animals and thinks that it is disgusting and unhealthy to eat them.

- He could imagine to live everywhere he can do his work and has the right woman on his side.

- He would like to have a family, but he hasn?t found the right woman. Some girlfriends just wanted to make carrier and don't want to have children.

- If he would have a daughter, he wouldn?t give an advice concerning love, because everyone has to make his own experiences.

- It would be okay for him, if he had a daughter like Pink, because Pink is funny and he likes her music.