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© 2002
Facts (Fakty z życia Bryana)

- Bryan sold more than 8 million copies of the single (Everything I do) I do it for you.

- Bryan was arrested for pot as a teenager :)

- Bryan is a vegan.

- Bryan worked with (almost) the same band and crew since the beginning.

- Bryan's mom is a teacher

- Bryan's parents come from England

-Bryan has a brother called Bruce

-Bryan's first song was: Let me take you dancing

- Bryan played a gas station attendant in Pink Cadillac

- Top Gun wanted to use 'Only The Strong Survive' for the movie, but Bryan refused because he thought the movie glorified war?

- Bryan wanted to call the album "You want it, you got it" -> "Hasn't heard of you either" because of the disappointing sales of his first album "Bryan Adams"

- Bryan was almost killed during a parachute jump. Roadmanager Doug Grover organized a parachute jump for 5/6 members of the roadcrew. Keith asked if he might go whith them. So Doug Grover phoned Bruce Allen for permission, but Bruce said: NO. He also said: Make sure that Adams doesn't jump. When Bryan heared of the parachute jump, he went straight to the airplane. Bryan jumped together with an instructor as a tandem. When the instructor opened the parachute after a couple of somersaults, the parachute got stuck between thier legs. For 24 seconds Bryan and his co-jumper felt down without a working parachute. The instructor tried to throw the main parachute away. He succeeded to open the spare parachute just a couple of seconds before the critical moment. They landed 1.5 km from the original target at a field. Another jumper, who jumped just after Bryan, recorded the whole incident with his video camera.

- Bryan has done the voice for a 24 minutes lasting Canadian cartoon called: The Real Story Of The Three Little Kittens. He was the voice of "Hoodwink" a premium hunting clumsy mean rat.

- A&M (Bryan's record company) paid $ 20.000,- for a black-and-white picture of the famous Japanese portrait photographer Hiro. The picture was for the cover of Reckless.

- Bryan and Jim Vallance are often compared to Elton John and Bernie Taupin (his co-writer)

- Heaven was written in two days for the movie called "A night in heaven"

- Hiding from love and Lonely nights were sold for the movie called "Class"