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© 2002
Zapis czatu

Poraz ostatni w tym roku Bryan pojawił się na czacie aby porozmawiać z
badfanami, poniżej zapis z 15-go grudnia...

*** B_A has joined #general
>mossad_girl> god grieve who done it
>Mirjam> hey
>lorri> hi bryan
>Mirjam> it's him
>mossad_girl> ops O,4Laughing Out Loud
>mossad_girl> i thought some was playing
>B_A> bonjour baddies
>Mirjam> Hi Bryan
>lorri> how's things with you bryan
>Mirjam> ca va ?
>mossad_girl> hey ba
>B_A> super thanks
>mossad_girl> it,s my birthday
>B_A> happy birthday
>mossad_girl> hint a stones ticket please
>lorri> well I've just come back from the beach lol
>Mirjam> Are you in Vancouver or London ?
>B_A> london
>Mirjam> so good morning then !
>lorri> stinking hot here in adelaide
>B_A> be there soon
>lorri> yeah can't wait
>B_A> where are the rest of you from?
>Mirjam> Bryan is it true you might do another show in belgium ?
>lorri> so how are u bryan keeping well
>mossad_girl> lorri
>Mirjam> Netherlands !!! Can't wait for Rotterdam !!
>mossad_girl> ask bryan that question about the thing
on amazone
>mossad_girl> i am from the netherlands
>lorri> nah I bet it's that bloody ryan again
>lorri> bryan they have you as a "soon to be released cd
>mossad_girl> nuclear 2
>lorri> called nuclear 2
>mossad_girl> that is the title
>lorri> there is a song called"song for keith" lol
>B_A> it's not my record!
>mossad_girl> bloody ryan again then
>Mirjam> that's what we thought
>lorri> didn't think so thanks for clearing that up
>B_A> mine will be out soon enough. probably early summer
>lorri> cool can't wait
>mossad_girl> i am making a bryan adams computer
>B_A> ok
>lorri> hear you were recording on your germany tour
>B_A> it's true
>mossad_girl> which show ??
>lorri> keeps you busy huh lol
>B_A> backstage and in hotels
>mossad_girl> oh video
>mossad_girl> for what tv
>mossad_girl> or for a dvd??
>lorri> will u tempy us aussies with a new song this tour?
>Mirjam> no, just songs i guess
>lorri> tempt sorry
>mossad_girl> oh before i forget are you gonna use
the bstage next year
 just to confuse us LOL
>B_A> probably
>lorri> cool
>lorri> I thought you might LOL
>lorri> well I'm front row at the sydney gig
>Mirjam> Bryan, weird questions and you probably hate them but lol do you
remember getting a drawing from a child in Frankfurt after the show ? (not
given by a child though lol)
>B_A> so. australia and belgium...anybody else?
>mossad_girl> netherlands
>Mirjam> Netherlands !
>mossad_girl> but i do belgium as well
>lorri> yeah we had that rotten bushfire here lastweek
>Mirjam> me2
>mossad_girl> that will be all this year as i
bought some club gig tickets for the stones
>lorri> bloody kids lighting fires
>mossad_girl> with other words i am bankrupt
>lorri> are you spending xmas with your family bryan?
>B_A> yes with my family
>lorri> that's nice
>mossad_girl> oh bryan i hope you will keep the
5 piece band
>B_A> i will
>mossad_girl> cool thanks
>lorri> I'm having a b.b.q. this year
>lorri> all vegetarian food
>B_A> veggie!
>Mirjam> sounds good
>lorri> yes I am
>Mirjam> me 2
>B_A> me 3
>lorri> I feel fantastic
>Mirjam> :o)
>mossad_girl> i am not but i dont wear leather
>mossad_girl> so does that makes me a veggie too?
>Mirjam> NO
>B_A> :(
>mossad_girl> oh
>B_A> go veggie
> *** Gilda_B has joined #general
>Ceci_C> good morning
>B_A> bonjour
>Gilda_B> good morning
>mossad_girl> i tried once
>lorri> yeah I advise people when they go on safari in africa not to eat
>B_A> where are u from?
>Gilda_B> montreal, canada
>Mirjam> sounds as bad as it tasts L ?
>Ceci_C> hi everybody
>B_A> montreal was the best show of the year
>Mirjam> Hi C.
>lorri> I tell them to go veggie
>Gilda_B> yes, it was an AMAZING show
>B_A> hi
> *** Gilda_B has quit IRC (QUIT: )
>Mirjam> Wish i was there, love montreal
>lorri> they a truely horrified whenthey find out it's baby monkeys
>B_A> the measured the crowd noise at over 112 db
>Mirjam> i already missed the 2000 gig of Celine Dion with you in
Montreal... still regret it :o)
>Mirjam> :o( oops
>*** Gilda_B has joined #general
>B_A> that wasn't great
>lorri> hummm is that loud bryan
>mossad_girl> what wasnt great
>Ceci_C> wow thats very loud take care of your ears
>Mirjam> the Celine gig wasn't ?
>B_A> the celine dion show
>mossad_girl> 0,4Laughing Out Loud
>mossad_girl> i could tell ya that
>lorri> LMAO
>Mirjam> thanks :-s
>B_A> or at least my bit wasn't
>mossad_girl> she suckes
>mossad_girl> oh
>Mirjam> Hey take your hands of Celine E
>B_A> she's actually great...
>Ceci_C> but?
>mossad_girl> depends on someones taste
>Mirjam> She is, met her last month ! Lovely woman
>lorri> when you did that show with for new years once they cut your head
out of the pic LOL
>B_A> that's funny!
>lorri> sorry
>Mirjam> but i regret it as it was a show with both of my favourite
>mossad_girl> the only canadian musicians i like are
bryan adams, leonard cohen and neil young
>lorri> I have a warped sense of humour
>lorri> her arm was in the way
>B_A> don't worry
>Mirjam> you'll do one again ?
>B_A> nope
>Mirjam> :o(
>Mirjam> a duet maybe ?
>B_A> nope
>Mirjam> shot
>Mirjam> shoot i mean
>Ceci_C> B_A did you post the message about ronan by yourself?
>Ceci_C> smile
>Gilda_B> no duets with Celine Dion---please
>B_A> no
>mossad_girl> post what post??
>Mirjam> Shania then ?
>lorri> isn't she gorgeous
>Ceci_C> Bryan was online and some minutes later tehre was this nonsens
>mossad_girl> ba are you gonna do some stones gig
like last time
>Mirjam> Shania sure is, very nice as well
>mossad_girl> i mean as support act
>lorri> who is webboard manager
>B_A> what did it say?
>lorri> that you aren't writing for him
>Mirjam> that ronan was trying to get attention
>B_A> someone connected to michelle
>Ceci_C> working together with ronan is nonsense
>Mirjam> as you turned him down
>B_A> right
>Gilda_B> so when r u coming back to Montreal :)
>B_A> i'm too busy doing my own record
>Mirjam> lol
>mossad_girl> BA has not been working with Ronan
>mossad_girl> according to Michelle. this is Ronan
>mossad_girl> to get some publicity as BA turned
>mossad_girl> down
>Ceci_C> good news
>lorri> will u do interviews and stuff in OZ bryan
>B_A> have you heard of Black+White mag downunder?
>lorri> ummm nope
>lorri> oh hang on yes it does sound familiar
>B_A> check it out and see my cover photo of kate moss
>Mirjam> Talking about interviews, my work wants to make a photoshoot of
me in my favourite hobby so i want to make it during your concert, willing
to join me in it ??
>lorri> ok will do
>lorri> thanks for the info
>lorri> when did u take the pics of kate?
>B_A> awhile ago
>Mirjam> Again about Celine (sorry guys) i love that picture of you 2 on
the sofa was it ever published ? I searched everywhere.....
>lorri> before her baby then
>B_A> nope
>Mirjam> to bad, just love it as all your pictures. you should do more
with it !
>B_A> :)
>mossad_girl> what brand was that bryan
>B_A> brand?
>mossad_girl> the rollieflex??
>lorri> yes I loved the pic of you taking the pic of shania
>Ceci_C> I guess your day is too short for all that?
>mossad_girl> i couldnt see it on the pic clearly
>B_A> for?
>mossad_girl> for nothing i dont know
>Ceci_C> music, photos interviews...
>mossad_girl> i saw you with a camera on a pic
>B_A> mamiya probably
>mossad_girl> oi expensive
>lorri> sorry I don't even know how to put film in the camera lol
>B_A> :)
>Mirjam> lol L.
>Gilda_B> How do u like singing en francais?
>B_A> love
>mossad_girl> i wanted to buy one but had to
settle with a hasseblad copy
>mossad_girl> the others i cant afford haha
>B_A> that's probably ok
>lorri> if I knew how to everything I wouldn't need a bloke lol
>Mirjam> i still haven't heard you sing in French :-s
>Ceci_C> it sounds great
>Mirjam> True L. ;o)
>B_A> i will probably do the same for the new record
>lorri> cool
>Mirjam> Cool
>Gilda_B> I loved th 2 French songs in French at the Montreal concert
>B_A> thanks
>Ceci_C> did you translate it by yourself?
>lorri> bryan I have the spirit dvd
>Gilda_B> very good accent
>B_A> that concert was BEYOND!!
>Mirjam> i have a very cute Bryan in french from some time ago in a show
called Taratta (you remember it ?)
>B_A> do u like the DVD?
>lorri> yes
>B_A> i remember...i wasn't so good a speaking french back then
>Gilda_B> so how did you perfect your french?
>lorri> took the kiddies and they didn't move for the whole movie
>Mirjam> well it sounded so very cute...
>B_A> speaking everyday
>lorri> that's a good sign
>mossad_girl> french everyday??
>B_A> everyday
>B_A> if only a little
>mossad_girl> i cant speak one word french
>lorri> are u going to the Oscars if you get nominated?
>Mirjam> i met some french guys who don't speak other then french so now i
start to get better as well but i still suck
> *** Nic has joined #general
>Gilda_B> it's interesting the Quebec french is quite different from that
of France
>Nic> morning
>Mirjam> morning
>B_A> sure is
>Ceci_C> morning
>lorri> it's the sane in australia
>B_A> bonjour!
>Ceci_C> or Canada,eh
>Nic> hey bryan!
>B_A> hey
>Mirjam> this is so much better then a whole room full of baddies
>lorri> yeah
>B_A> baddies are baddies
>lorri> yeah
>Ceci_C> as long as you are in?? smile
>Nic> bryan i got a qestion for ya, any chance you would bring back the
makeshift band,with peple from the audience?
>B_A> not much longer
>Mirjam> i know but then no one can say something
>B_A> nic: not likely!
>Gilda_B> I didn't like the makeshift band
>Nic> ah bryan cmon! i can't sing
>lorri> lol
>Mirjam> well that way guys get a change as well...
>B_A> start a band!
>Nic> i am trying london sucks for rock players
>lorri> I wanted to be just like ABBA lol
>mossad_girl> i play bass
>mossad_girl> nic plays drums
>Mirjam> Nic, who cares a lot of the WYG can't sing !
>mossad_girl> all we need is a singer
>lorri> I'm blonde LOL
>lorri> and kinda cute lol
>Mirjam> WYG-girls that is
>Mirjam> ts ts L.
>Mirjam> but hey once we're on it, i am blond as well
>lorri> hehehehe
>Mirjam> though not sure whether to be hapy with that ;-s
>Nic> bryan you any good on drums?
>B_A> i can play a little
>B_A> mickey is better
>Nic> really hahaha
>mossad_girl> bryan did you go to the george
harrison tribute concert
>Nic> you got a kit?
>Ceci_C> does that mean you can make noise ?
>B_A> much better
>lorri> LOL
>Mirjam> btw Bryan do you have any plans for a gig in Denmark or
surroundings ?
>lorri> you ooze talent bryan
>B_A> i went to the tribute concert - great\
>mossad_girl> what
>lorri> did u cool
>mossad_girl> gr......
>B_A> no plans for DK
>mossad_girl> i spend all night trying to book
those tickets
>Mirjam> to bad wanted to make my friend happy :o(
>mossad_girl> couldnt get through
>mossad_girl> ):
>lorri> the tix were 5000 pounds on e-bay
> *** Naomi_Kawashima has joined #general
>B_A> spain/portugal/etc
>Mirjam> you are planning those ?
>Naomi_Kawashima> hello everyone!
>Ceci_C> and what about western canada?
>Gilda_B> hi
>Naomi_Kawashima> is bryan here?
>lorri> hi naomi
>B_A> ohayo gozaimasu
>lorri> yes hun he is
>Mirjam> plss do Canada in august i will visit Vancouver then !
>Naomi_Kawashima> ohayo bryan!
>B_A> genki desu-ka?
>Naomi_Kawashima> nice see you again!
>lorri> you've made my whole week
>Naomi_Kawashima> yes, genki-desu!
>Naomi_Kawashima> how about you bryan?
>B_A> onaka ga suki masita
>lorri> I hear you were on the ozzy show in the states bryan
>lorri> osbourne that is
>B_A> yes
>Mirjam> it was in Germany on as well i heard
>B_A> oh ok
>lorri> looking at sharon's boobs I beleive lol
>B_A> hmmmm
>Ceci_C> yes we have it over here Mirjam
>Mirjam> lol
>Naomi_Kawashima> bryan these are japanese! thank you!
>Mirjam> we have the show as well but not that part yet, i think, hardly
watch it
>B_A> hai!
>B_A> i never saw it
>Naomi_Kawashima> bryan did you enjoy your concert in canada last week?
>Gilda_B> Bryan, you have sung in u speak or write it as
>B_A> unfortunately not
>Naomi_Kawashima> what songs did you played in canada?
>B_A> too many to list here...some in french
>Mirjam> the man already speaks japaneese !! really envy you for your
talent in languages !
>lorri> well you always give us a g'day when your in oz
>Naomi_Kawashima> in french! wow!
>Mirjam> Naomi it's on the board somewhere
>lorri> a pretty good one to
>Mirjam> not just in oz...
>Ceci_C> are you at home in london right now?
>Mirjam> gigs are like therapy to me lol
>mossad_girl> yeah same here
>B_A> yes
>Naomi_Kawashima> did you sing a song in french here i am?
>Gilda_B> and brothers under the sun
>B_A> yes
>lorri> hasn't sunk in for me yet
>Ceci_C> so you enjoy the Christmas time?  Ihope you have already all you
>lorri> and it's only just over a month away
>B_A> of course!...i'm waiting
>Ceci_C> smile
>Mirjam> Do you celebrate x-mas in SA already ? or just at home
>lorri> well I'm waiting for ya bryan
>B_A> bye baddies!
>Mirjam> sorry seems i am not paying attention and question was already
>Ceci_C> have a nice day
>Mirjam> byeeee have a merry x-mas
>lorri> see ya bryan take care
>Naomi_Kawashima> i'm going to melbourne and adelaide see you soon!
>Ceci_C> and thanks for your time
>Nic> bye bryan, have a nice day!
>Gilda_B> bye
>mossad_girl> bye
>B_A> happy Christmas to you all!!! see u next year
>Mirjam> xxx
>lorri> will do
>Naomi_Kawashima> love bryan! bye!
>Ceci_C> happy Christmas Bryan
>Nic> thanks u2!
>lorri> hugs and kisses
>Gilda_B> Joyeux Noel
> *** B_A [] has left IRC
> 310 b_a 0,6Has Quit IRC.4:2o7(
> *** B_A has quit IRC (QUIT: )
>lorri> holy shit
>Nic> haha cool chat
>lorri> !!!!!!!!!!!!!
>mossad_girl> 0,4Be Right Back
>*** Gilda_B has quit IRC (QUIT: )
>Mirjam> hey l was that cool or what ??
>Nic> very cool
>Session Close: Sun Dec 15 10:29:20 2002