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Czat z fanami z dnia 18-10-2003 

B_A (
joined #general
>  will you all let me ask him a long question?
>  hi all
>  Hi bryan
>  hi bryan
>  Hi Bryan
>  How are u?
>  how are you
>  Hi bry
>  hi bryan
> *** ceci_bbl is now known as ceci
>  my God
>  hi bryan
>  Bryan can I ask you a question?
>  is bryan really here!!!!!
>  hi
>  yes
>  afternoon bryan
>  i can't believe it
>  thanks for a great fashion rocks gig
>  oh yes
>  no worries
>  i'm shaking
>  Bryan do you remember ...early 80's New orleans City Park
you played in a downpour?
>  you were cool showing off your pants like that
>  new orleans downpour...not really
>  whereare you Bryan?
>  there was only a fist full of us left and you kept on
playin ...I was there...thx for that day
>  bryan do you remember me, i'm your lebanese fan, i waited for you
many hours in front of the hotel here
>  what about new years eve?
>  bryan you said that you once owned a mini
>  yes what about NYE?
>  ur welcome. loved lebanon!
>  my god
>  thanks for answereing me
>  new years will be in florida
>  i love you too much
>  bryan you have a real bad timing.. you always play vancouver when i
just left the city
>  will you come back to lebanon?
>  i'm so disappointed you don't remember.....I was counting
>  yes in february
>  i think...
>  haha
>  smile
>  you are coming here in february?
>  you are sure a buzy chap
>  don't forget italy! :)
>  could you please plan your next vancouver gig around my holiday???
>  love italy too. you will see me soon in a self portrait for John
Richmond Sunglasses there
>  and the poor old UK
>  oh cool
>  u r the BEST! )
>  kewl
>  Your the best of us bry
>  will there be other dates added with the florida gig?
>  bryan God blessyou
>  san Diego?
>  there will be other US dates...we're working on that now
>  Great
>  thx :)
>  where are you now bryan?
>  nothing in CA
>  oh this is wonderful
>  haha Chicago???
>  london
>  San Diego luvs you bRYAN
>  wow london too
>  in your house
>  ?
>  no! london is where i am!
>  oic
>  got me all excited then
>  can u all tell me where u are?
>  kent
>  Chicago
>  Germany Essen
>  roma
>  Lebanon
>  wow we are very international
>  how cool is that?
>  very
>  very
>  when will the new photography book be out?
>  where you off to next bryan?
>  you are launching zoo soon i read
>  we're tryin to get two things done. get the record out, but i need a
record company, and i hope the book will be out for mothers day next year
(and zoo next week!)
>  got to get a subcription to that
>  could you tell a bit more about "zoo"?
>  Oh Great
>  why for mothers day?
>  Zoo rocks
>  hi jess
>  hi all
>  and a bit more??
>  hi
>  smile
>  will be be available in english
>  giggle
>  mothers day because the book is will be for Breast Cancer
>  wht type of photography are u doing for the Mag?
> *** Chris_Ashby (
>  the magazine is only in german
>  what did you like most about lebanon bryan?
>  hey bryan
>  the food
>  Hi Bryan
>  when will it be out?
>  have to learn german then
>  me too
>  great bryan, keep up the good work
>  do you know some dishes?
>  Hi Tina
>  you are such a wonderful person Bry and we lOVE YOU
>  lebanese food is very good for veggies like me
>  did u take any photo at the fashion rocks bryan
>  i'm veggie too
>  hey bryan any chance of a uk gig soon?
>  i like to cook
>  yes, but i won't put them out jsut yet
>  no uk gigs until next year
>  Oh Bryan when will we see the personal photo album on the
website that Michelle mentioned?
>  i'm a veggie too 6 mos now ..but not a vegan ....YET
>  thats ok i need time to save up :)
>  what sort of time next yr Bryan for UK gigs?
>  i changed my mind about the personal photo album! these websites are
too much work. id rather write songs
>  give me an advice to keep going veggie bryan
>  bryan, ever thought about a christmas album?
>  no x-mas albums!
>  not yet anyway!
>  Bryan hows Norm?
>  you been to see chelsea play recently?
>  hi shere!
>  hi girls
>  claudia
>  HI
>  oh
>  bryan!!!
>  hi
>  lol
>  bryan give me an advice on how to keep going veggie
>  well good luck with zoo bryan and i hope you can do something
similar in the uk soon
>  hey all
>  :)
>  hi
>  hey
>  hi allan
>  hello bryan
>  how's everyone?
>  hey Bryan you are gettin addict to the chatroom or what?
>  Did you enjoy your date with Gwyneth?
>  fine ty :)
>  has he gone make a cuppa tea
>  its good to see you back on chat bryan, thanks
>  good for us, shere! :)
>  yer bryan its good to see you making such a regular appearance on
the board and in chat
>  ill have a cupa too pls haha
>  we were due our fix
>  the place was getting a bit drab
>  yes
>  any other questions? i'm gonna make a cup of tea otherwise
>  lmao
>  hahahha
>  can you tellus ANYTHING about new cd?
>  smile can we have a tea too
>  can we have a cup too?
>  the new cd is great!
>  when do you think the new album will be out?
>  what about san diego Bry?
>  my sister says hi, she's a big fan too
>  Laughing Out Loud I dont doubt that
>  nice idea bryan can i have a cuppa aswell
>  yes, thanks for stopping @ hide park and in rome
>  yesss will u ever come to canary islands?? cmon...spend a holidays
here :P
>  i hope it will be nout for spring time, it depends on my contract.
so annoying
>  and the single?
>  the good news is there are new songs going on it in November
>  nout?
>  well we'll keep listening to the old albums til then
>  i will do u a contract but you will have to come my
house to sign it
>  cool
>  Hi! So what gives with the contract??
>  tell us a joke bryan
>  silly old record biz forgot about one of it's boys
>  awwwwwww
>  awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor you
>  it's a good thing
>  how could they forget you?
>  HMMMM nt nice is it
>  new songs...i'll bet their great
>  naughty of them
>  do u want some TLC
>  they are not worth getting you back
>  hahahaha
>  they are if they do a good job
>  you still working with chicane bryan?
>  wil you have any opening acts for US gigs?
>  yes but only if they do a real good job
>  no more chicane stuff. i did a version of 'east side' on the CD that
>  cool
>  yes
>  Please come to California...we need you
>  bryan have you had a chance to see any other gigs this summer??
>  great!
>  love the song!:)
>  no california, canary islands!!! lol
>  i'll be in CA in November doing the book
>  hey bryan you think you'll have vega 4 touring with you again next
>  how many concerts will you do in lebanon?
>  yeah thats more like it
>  and then in stoke-on-trent for christmas
>  ok. we need an update: WHERE ARE YOU ALL FROM?
>  lmao teen
>  kent
>  Chicago
>  lebanon
>  still germany
>  london, uk
>  from canada, in uk
>  wow
>  Herefordshire, UK
>  :)
>  thx for asking
>  so thats a yes bryan on STOKE-ON-TRENT for christmas
>  what happened to japan and china
>  and we hear you are from canada lol
>  yes for Stoke for Christmas
>  is keith back home in canada now?
>  nice one
>  wayhey teen!
>  did you learn any arabic words here?
>  bryan, did u know that Macca played at the colisseum?
>  hahaha
>  what about doing something like that?
>  rite teen make room for another house guest
>  it was awesome
>  tea time. gotta run. bye baddies....
>  bryan u were great in madrid back in feb!
>  aw byeeeeee bryan take care
>  bye
>  Bye bryan xx
>  will you do a show while your doing your book in Cal?
>  bye
>  please don't go
>  see uuuuu
>  thanks
>  sorry jess no can do will be just the sick individual
and brizzie
>  Bye hope to cu soon
>  vega 4 with u on NYE????
>  lol
>  byeee
>  slurp sip
>  thanks for everything bry.....byeeeeeeeeeee
>  thanks fro coming
>  byeee
>  take care!!! xxxx
>  thx for the chat
>  yes thanks for chatting
>  have fun nov 5th