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Czat z fanami z dnia 1-11-2003 

[19:35]  BA IS ON
[19:35]  she has some kind of blockage in her intestines which are giving her soo much pain.. she needs corrective surgery for that.. and on top of that she's got a viral infection
[19:35] *** Joins: Tricia (_nt_yr_bz_@
[19:35]  wow
[19:35]  Hey Tricia
[19:35]  hi 
[19:35]  watch em all come in...LOL
[19:35]  hi k
[19:35]  Laughing Out Loud Flock they will
[19:35]  how's everyone?
[19:35]  all the alarms will be going off now
[19:36]  good
[19:36]  u waiting fer BA to come in?
[19:36]  ba is on?
[19:36]  hey, it's by pure chance that i'm here!
[19:36]  yes
[19:36]  lol
[19:36]  hey k, got the package yet?
[19:36]  hummm all u uk'ers asleep mostly
[19:36]  NO not yet
[19:36] *** B_A is on IRC
[19:36] " B_A Is Online :o)
[19:36] *** Joins: B_A (
[19:36]  Hi bryan
[19:37]  well good evening bryan
[19:37]  awww, soon i hope than
[19:37]  bon soir
[19:37]  hi bryan
[19:37]  how are u?
[19:37]  sleepy
[19:37]  no doubt
[19:37]  hi bryan.. how's trix?
[19:37]  in london?
[19:37]  yep
[19:37]  nice
[19:37]  its only 1"30
[19:37] *** Joins: bratman (
[19:37]  1:30
[19:37]  yep
[19:37]  lots of bangs going off your way bryan?
[19:37]  a few
[19:37]  gonna give us a rocking time in bc/alta eh
[19:37]  hello everyone
[19:37]  hi bryan
[19:37]  fer sure
[19:37]  sounds great
[19:38]  absolutely no new song?
[19:38]  nope
[19:38]   awwww bummer
[19:38]  soon..
[19:38]  what abotu for New Years?
[19:38]  can't wait
[19:38]  i know i know, patience lol
[19:38]  thanks for the awesome show in Toronto, bryan
[19:38]  spring hopefully
[19:38]  ok :)
[19:38]  loved toronto
[19:38]  they are losing very badly tonight
[19:38]  leafs that is
[19:38]  u watching paul
[19:38]  was cool how the fireworks went off at the end of the show
[19:38]  5-1 yikes
[19:39]  during run to you
[19:39]  u like hockey Bry?
[19:39]  hey bryan, what's the new album gonna sound like? ballads...rockers..??? what?
[19:39]  that was good
[19:39]  Lets hope for warmer weather in the states for New Years eve this time
[19:39]  will you be in canada for your birthday 
[19:39]  the usual stuff you'd expect from me
[19:39]  a little bit of everything then
[19:40]  not sure about where i'll be on the 5th!
[19:40]  it's gonna be great then! can't wait for it
[19:40]  woohoo
[19:40]  i'll send up a big rocket for you and for my son who shares your b/day
[19:40]  me too
[19:40]  yeah a pox on universal/A&M for forgetting to renew the contract
[19:40]  sounds like they been shooting off fireworks all week in ashford
[19:40]  ok
[19:40]  love guy fawkes
[19:41]  love guy
[19:41]  or Mr Fawkes to you...:)
[19:41]  indeed
[19:41]  hehehe yes but when someone has to get up at 5am think it makes them cranky
[19:41]  and no sue I am not watching the leafs........... i gave up on them tonight
[19:41]  hehehe yes that is the actual day isn't it, ur birthday
[19:41]  ya pathetic i know paul, still got it on though
[19:41]  guy fawkes or bon fire night 
[19:41]  any special b-day plans bryan?
[19:42]  either
[19:42]  anyways i love it
[19:42]  not sure what i'll do just yet
[19:42]  guess depends where u are eh
[19:42]  ya
[19:42]  how's keith?
[19:42]  pop into chat again then, there's an idea :P
[19:42]  he is the bes
[19:42]  t
[19:42]  bryan, StarGal says hi from Vanvouver
[19:42]  lol yeh
[19:42] *SueL* wanna ask him if i wear my x-mas lights again will he pick me lol
[19:43]  gets very wet during gigs does keith 
[19:43]  we all do
[19:43]  weather doesn't look too cold for kelowna, van... etc.
[19:43]  u want to see mick after a gig
[19:43]  yep i know..only keith hugged me and he was really wet
[19:43]  no -30 anyways
[19:43]  YESSSSSS
[19:43] *** Joins: Star_Gal (stargal@
[19:43]  hi BA
[19:43]  hi zara
[19:44]  hi zara
[19:44]  oh karen, ur excited lol
[19:44]  hey paul
[19:44]  hi again zara
[19:44]  yeah but I wont be in Canada unfortunatly
[19:44]  is this the Real BA
[19:44]  but of course it is
[19:44]  cyber ba
[19:44]  so are you at home in london tonight?
[19:44]  will have to wait til Florida
[19:44]  hahahhaa
[19:44]  lol
[19:44]  Laughing Out Loud
[19:44]  good enough
[19:44]  or at an internet cafe lol
[19:44]  sleepy BA
[19:44]  Bryan i`ll be seeing u in Vancouver
[19:44]  any ?'s
[19:45]  yeah bryan, if you are at home it must be L-A-T-E
[19:45]  yes
[19:45]  ?'s as always lol
[19:45]  umm do u remember me from montreal last yr
[19:45]  u a hockey fan?
[19:45]  pretty cool about the canadian stamp eh?
[19:45]  love hockey
[19:45]  i met u backstage??
[19:45]  what if any music do u have on right now?
[19:45]  cool :)
[19:45]  stan getz with joao
[19:45]  i hope somebody from canada sends me a letter
[19:45]  oh ya my mum cut the article out of the paper about the stamp
[19:45]  hmm interesting
[19:45]  well i surely will mave
[19:45]  yeah I have a question, bryan....why at the Princes' Trust fashion thing did they not let you guys play your instruments? I saw it on tv and it looked like you were singing to backing tracks
[19:46]  thanks sue :)
[19:46]  no prob
[19:46]  when r u coming to the caribbean again? lovely weather here :)
[19:46]  it was a silly tv show. that's how they did it. i sang live
[19:46]  I knew it
[19:46]  oh thats good
[19:47]  aw shucks bryan what load of..... ers
[19:47]  ok, question... do u have a favorite song u have recorded for the new album?
[19:47]  thanks bryan
[19:47]  a few
[19:47]  ok
[19:47]  any names
[19:47]  no idea of album title?
[19:47]  you'll see!
[19:47]  hehe
[19:47]  you little tease bryan
[19:47]  are you going to play completely live for the Grey Cup?
[19:47]  he just likes to keep us guessing
[19:47]  dunno what that's all about
[19:47]  will u have any one open for u on the USA tour?
[19:47]  no idea
[19:48]  whats the title of these tours?
[19:48]  helpful aren't i?
[19:48]  in Lethbridge they have been playin u loads on all 3 major radio stations
[19:48]  most deffo
[19:48]  hehe Laughing Out Loud bryan
[19:48]  we have to love lethbridge for that!
[19:48]  woudl be a nice intro to the stes for vega 4 *hint*
[19:48]  and colin james too, think he will be good
[19:48]  states*
[19:48]  colin james is good
[19:48]  at least 5 songs in a work day from 1 station :))
[19:48]  well have a HAPPY BDAY BRYAN
[19:49]  thanks
[19:49]  ; )
[19:49]  my local dj is canadian.. we get bryan every day
[19:49]  yes for sure, celebrate lots
[19:49]  cool mave
[19:49]  chiltern fm
[19:49]  welsh?
[19:49]  pardon? welsh??
[19:49]  mave he means are u from wales i think
[19:49]  yes? no?
[19:49]  reminds me of the time the DJ for Y108 in Hamilton mentioned me on air cos i met him and told him to play more bryan adams
[19:50]  hehehe i remember that paul
[19:50]  i am in luton..  aka drugs city arizona
[19:50]  perhaps we need to find out where everybody is
[19:50]  hehe good for u paul
[19:50]  Surrey, BC
[19:50]  Lethbridge, AB
[19:50]  woohoo
[19:50]  i am from Toronto Canada
[19:50]  outside of chicago
[19:50]  Luton England... 30 mins north of Watford
[19:50]  where u at bryan
[19:50]  welsh
[19:50]  I'm from Trinidad - the Caribbean
[19:50]  lol
[19:50]  glad to have ur last gig here in Leth...
[19:51]  hmph bryan
[19:51]  michelle was great to us too when was there in sept
[19:51]  (mark from UK came with me)
[19:51]  she
[19:51]  is great
[19:51]  Michelle rocks, met her in vancouver last year
[19:51]  love the juke boxes in there too
[19:51]  yeppers
[19:51]  love jher
[19:51]  yeah she is super
[19:52]  one of the nicest ppl i have met
[19:52]  she gave us probably more time that she could too
[19:52]  so bryan about havin vega 4 open for u for usa dates?
[19:52]  nope
[19:52]  darn
[19:52]  nice try karen
[19:52]  Laughing Out Loud
[19:52]  had totry
[19:52]  good one k
[19:52]  of course
[19:52]  did u hear david snedden is calling it quits bryan?
[19:53]  who?
[19:53]  LMAO
[19:53]  Laughing Out Loud
[19:53]  another question, bryan: any song of yours that you absolutely dislike now that you have to opportunity to look back?
[19:53]  ur too funny
[19:53]  aw i liked him
[19:53]  nah...
[19:53]  bryan Fran from vancouver says hi
[19:53]  cool, thats the way it should be
[19:53]  prefer daniel bedingfield tho
[19:53]  love that one song of daniels
[19:53]  is he the pop idol fella
[19:53]  plz tell me he's not
[19:54]  david sneddon is.. daniel bedingfield is not
[19:54]  same thing?
[19:54]  although must say bryan the canadian idol guy that won is amazin
[19:54]  haha
[19:54]  no not pop idol actually david sneddon was fame academy
[19:54]  same thing
[19:54]  wasnt darius Pop Idol?
[19:54]  another question, bryan : any duets on the horizon, recording wise?
[19:54]  you not heard of daniel bedingfield bryan?? 
[19:54]  yes
[19:54]  yes to duets?
[19:54]  with whom?
[19:54]  no
[19:55]  aww :(
[19:55]  ahh
[19:55]  he's great..his voice range is out of this world
[19:55]  do u think u'd ever ever do a x-mas album?
[19:55]  in ur lifetime? lol
[19:55]  maybe...
[19:55]  bryan are u celebrating ur bday in vancouver???
[19:55]  ok
[19:55]  dunno
[19:55]  u have a fav.canadian hockey team?
[19:56]  lol dunno, maybe... :)
[19:56]  the canucks!
[19:56]  hehe
[19:56]  noooooooo lol
[19:56]  fave hockey team is boston
[19:56]  BRUINS
[19:56]  cool
[19:56]  question: would you ever release the Wembley '96 concert?
[19:56]  fave cdn is canucks
[19:56]  they were winning earlier
[19:56]  what actually is hockey.. that's a girls game aint it?
[19:56]  good question
[19:56]  not surprised = canucks
[19:56] *** Joins: Fran_Couver (
[19:56]  wasnt there supposed tobe another dvd released?
[19:56]  there is no recording of the wembley 96 show.
[19:56]  hey Franny
[19:56]  heyall!
[19:56] * Mave ducks for cover
[19:56]  hi fran
[19:56]  hahaha mave u know better
[19:57]  Hear BABAS around
[19:57]  well yeh between you and mark i should sue
[19:57]  actually there is a recording but no video
[19:57]  yes that's right
[19:57]  *Tud*
[19:57]  getting u to route leafs on with us
[19:57]  right
[19:57]  good night
[19:57]  ok..
[19:57]  that would be sweet to get a good polished version of wembly 96 on a cd
[19:57]  nite bryan
[19:57]  will u be doing any videos for new cd?
[19:57]  already ba
[19:57]  oh ok have a good night bryan
[19:57]  you going bryan
[19:57] *** Joins: Emma_P (
[19:57]  later bryan thanks for answering my questions
[19:57]  goodnite kisses for ya (smooch)
[19:57]  bye bryan
[19:57]  Thanks for comin in again!
[19:57]  Beddy bye bye
[19:58]  thanks for stopping by
[19:58]  happy birthday for wednesday
[19:58]  hi the man is here. great. u r the best
[19:58]  see ya on nov 7
[19:58]  thanks for the chat
[19:58]  see ya in Kelowna
[19:58]  yes happy birthday early
[19:58]  and happy birthday!!
[19:58]  yes Happy Birthday early
[19:58]  happy bday bryan
[19:58]  happy bday again
[19:58]  see you in luton LOL
[19:58]  bappy hirthday Ba
[19:58]  :_)
[19:58]  see ya in Boca
[19:58]  hehe
[19:58]  good night bryan :))
[19:58]  *thud*
[19:58]  thanks for chatting
[19:58]  aw shucks...
[19:58]  ; ))))))))
[19:58]  night sweetie... take care
[19:59]  tee hee
[19:59]  please answer me. did you write Heaven? had a row with a friend tonight.. she says you didn't. i said you did/
[19:59]  we still luv ya in Canada
[19:59]  luv ya bryyannn
[19:59]  always a sweetheart....
[19:59]  we definitely love u in canada, loads of my friends coming to gig
[19:59]  iwas the mad woman waving my knickers at you at bristol and warwick
[19:59]  will you play Native Son for us in Kelowna PLease
[19:59]  aww I luv ya too Bry
[19:59]  some due to my prodding
[19:59]  hehe
[19:59]  for Dee
[19:59]  yes emma
[19:59]  oh when the night comes at gigs or 1 of them
[20:00]  sniff, sniff
[20:00]  who`s emma
[20:00]  she's here
[20:00]  thanks eh?
[20:00]  thanks .. i will see her tomorrw  and tell her i heard  it from you ...  me emma |P droitwich worcestershitre!!
[20:00]  she was the one waving her drawers at bryan
[20:00]  hehe
[20:00] *** B_A has left IRC
[20:00] " B_A Has Quit IRC.:o(
[20:00] *** Quits: B_A ( (QUIT: )